Welding Rectifier

Technical Specifications


  • Excellent welding Characteristics: The use of a three-phase, full wave, silicon rectifier bridge in combination with a well designed transducer and output choke gives a smooth and steady arc with minimum spatter and excellent weld bead shape.
  • Easy arc Striking: The machines are designed for easy arc striking with type of electrode.
  • Unique circuitry to sense the output current and initiate compensatory action. Especially useful to limit current surge arising during arc striking for preventing burn through and to limit control current in ‘no load’ condition.
  • thermostatically protected against overload or overheating due to fan failure or inadequate cooling. In addition, special “surge suppressor devices” Protect the control circuitry from voltage spikes.
  • Reliability: Made to latest standards, the equipment can withstand rigorous environmental Conditions.
  • The units are compact, lightweight and easily manoeuverable from job to job.
  • Easy to maintain: Since the rectifiers are static machines with no moving parts except for the cooling fan, maintenance requirements are negligible.