Lassoing the Virgin Mail Order Bride Writer: Alexa Riley

Lassoing the Virgin Mail Order Bride Writer: Alexa Riley

Chapter 1 Clare

“Miss Clare Stevens?” I turn my head to check out the person whom stated my name. The sun’s rays blocks my view until another step is taken by him ahead, their cowboy shoes tapping regarding the concrete regarding the train station’s entryway. Their movement provides me personally a view that is clear of now, and I’m amazed by the sight of him.

He appears like he might be my father’s age. Perhaps maybe perhaps Not if I had to guess how old he was, he’d be around this old that I knew my father, but. Immediately, the little the fear I’d been experiencing slides away. The person appears nice. The laugh lines around their lips are obvious, despite having all of the wrinkles. Their hair that is grey is quick, their skin is profoundly browned by the sun’s rays, probably from several years of exercising regarding the land.

“Yes, that’s me personally.” We increase through the work work work bench I’d been sitting on for more than an hour or so. I happened to be needs to wonder if my soon-to-be spouse was coming or if possibly he’d changed their head. The stress had grown worse with every ticking minute which had gone by. I did son’t have even enough money to back catch a train away from Lobo, Texas. I might have now been stranded in a city in the exact middle of Nowheresville.

“Sorry about that, ma’am. One of many fences broke this and we had hogs all over the place morning. Had to across the bastards up.” He cringes small at his very own curse. “Excuse my language, ma’am.”

We smile, letting him understand it doesn’t bother me personally “Don’t keep back to my account. I was raised on a farm with ten ranch arms. I’ve heard it all.”

I nod. “Yeah, until my mama got unwell and now we needed to relocate to the town.” I could nevertheless hear the pain sensation in my sound. (more…)

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